Obsidian: The Age of Judgement
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The new Shadow Nations: Unearthed book by Apophis Consortium Shadow Nations "Unearthed", the first supplement to the Shadow Nations corebook, will be out in November, but you can see it first at Gencon. We also made limited edition posters for the new book painted by Brandon Ford.

Unearthed will uncover many of Europe's darker secrets, as well as adding new depth to all nine countries.

GenCon 2008
GenCon is right around the corner and we have made big plans this year for our annual after-party. Cruciform Injection will be joined by Los Angeles natives HexRx in their first ever Midwest show. Stop by the Apophis Consortium booth #725 and make sure you come out to Radio Radio Saturday night for a great time!

Alliance Games Distribution is carrying Shadow Nations!
Ask your local game store to order it! If we can get enough sales they will restock on the entire Obsidian line. Help keep Obsidian alive and order a copy today. Also, The Apophis Consortium will be at Gencon 2008. Please come say hi and sign up for a demo if your new to Obsidian or Shadow Nations.

RPG DriveThru carrying the Apophis line!
If you can't seem to find the newest books from the Apophis Consortium, check out the RPGdrivethru for digital PDFs. The newest upload is the recently released Shadow Nations corebook for only $15!

New European Distributor!
Obsidian has been picked up by England's largest game distributor, Esdevium. We are hoping to solidify a good relationship with them, so if you live in England or in the area of distribution ask you store to order Shadow Nations! That would be a giant help! Help prove to us that England isn't just a bunch of addicted borough gangs.

Check out EsdeviumGames.com today!

GenCon 2007!
Gencon 2007 is finally behind us. It was an awesome experience as always. We met a ton of old and new fans, who both seemed very receptive of the new Shadow Nations books. The After party Saturday was our biggest yet with over 180 people at Radio Radio.

We look now towards the future, with new distributors, interested stores and new gaming groups, we will be working on the foundation of a "Mysteries of Europe" supplement that will detail secret societies, arcane rituals and convokations, as well as crossbred Hellspring experiements, and the children of babas. In addition this book will reveal new setting information, such as the rumors of Moracco, Hammerfist, and the lands to east of Europe.

Thank you again for your continued support to keep Obsidian alive!

Shadow Nations has arrived!
The world has ended.
Humanity continues in its death throes. Pockets of civilization fight to regain control, taking land and power away from Daemons and nightmares. It is the year 2299. Europe.
God's chosen soldiers fight to loosen Hell's grip, battling kultist minions and daemonic half-breeds. Both ancient and the naive struggle in the battle to control the Earth plane. The Roman Army and the Vatican have joined forces to regain command over the European nations. Unfortunately, corruption spreads deep, and the other nations pledge allegiance only to themselves. The time has come. The battle anticipated. The Shadow Nations prepare for the final apocalypse.
Shadow Nations is the newst book from Apophis Consortium. Based on the world of Obsidian with even easier gameplay and character creation!
Press Kit! If you are a distributor or store owner feel free to download the Shadow Nations informational PDF. Simply click on the image to the left.

Gencon 2007!
Come celebrate the release of the new Shadow Nations book at Gencon this year. We will have a booth again in the exhibitors hall, and our band (Cruciform Injection) is playing an after party at Radio Radio Saturday, August 18th. We hope to see many of you there.

Daemon Hunters Wanted!
Actually we are having a contest, whoever can create the most creative Daemon from the Daemon Codex will win a free Shadow Nations book. In addition, I will contract one of our super talented artists to draw the creature and post it on the website for everyone to use in their games. Remember, it must be made using the Daemon Codex rules for Daemon creation. May the best hunter win!